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Mater Ecclesiae College

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Philosophy Course Descriptions

PH 162 Introduction to Anthropology (3 cr)
This course explores the reality of the human person as a composite unity of body and soul, with the concomitant powers of understanding, willing, feeling and loving. It also examines the person’s freedom and subjectivity. Based on the views of St. Thomas Aquinas, it is a fundamental course that underlies many of the others.

PH 164 Logic and Epistemology (3 cr)
Students examine the basic principles and rules of logical analysis, study the nature of knowledge, its sources and the certainty of those sources, and apply the results to religious faith.

PH 234 Natural Theology (3 cr)
This course probes the possibility of knowing God’s existence through the light of human reason and from an existential and human perspective. Three aspects are discussed: the existence of God, his nature, and how the world relates to God.

PH 262 Philosophical Anthropology (3 cr)
The objectives of this course are to understand what it means to be a human person; the marvel and dignity of being a person; the substantial unity of the human person, body and soul as one person. To understand the unique and manifold relation between person and body. To understand spiritual affectivity, the role of “the heart.” To understand human freedom in all its dimensions, the nature of true freedom, the relation between freedom and determinism.

PH 266 Metaphysics (3 cr)
This course explores the Thomistic system of metaphysics, probing into the idea of being, transcendental properties, substance and accident, act and potency, matter and form, and efficient and final causality. Students are encouraged to reflect on the fundamental questions and characteristics of existence, seeing the relations between this abstract science and the world around them.

PH 288 Ethics (3 cr)
Students study human acts, the morality of acts, conscience and how the human person makes morally binding decisions on the basis of objective and subjective motivations, intentions, knowledge and other factors.