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Mater Ecclesiae College

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Pastoral and Religious Studies Program

In the course requirements leading to the major in Religious and Pastoral Studies, students delve into the scientific and experiential knowledge of faith in order to assimilate the fundamental Christian principles that will equip them to meet the pastoral needs of others.

All subjects offered in the degree program have a pastoral dimension, but in order to identify the fundamental Christian principles that should guide their pastoral work, the course requirements for the major provide students with the opportunity to closely examine the primary sources of the Judeo-Christian tradition of community and pastoral service: Sacred Scripture, Christian spirituality and theology, Church dogma and liturgy.

Once students have grasped the foundational principles and the scope of their pastoral role, the course requirements in Pastoral Studies will offer them more practical training in specific aspects of pastoral work, such as providing spiritual guidance, leading spiritual exercises, and working with youth and families.

Major Credits Term
Core Requirements
PS 366
3 Semester
RS 156
New Testament
3 Semester
RS 178, 180
Christian Spirituality I and II
6 2 Semesters
RS 370 Fundamental Theology 3 Semester
RS 378, 380
Christian Creed I and II
2 Semesters
RS 362 Sacraments 3 Semester
Youth and Family
PS 432 Youth Ministry 3 Semester
PS 434 Marriage and Family 3 Semester
Pastoral Skills
PS 422, 424 Spiritual Direction I and II 4 2 Semesters
PS 442 Catechetical Methods 3 Semester
PS 444, 446 Capstone Seminar I and II 6 2 Semesters
Total   43